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What are The Top Most Expensive Perfumes?

1. Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty: $215,000 (16.90z) – Only ten of these collectors’ edition bottles were made. They’re Baccarat crystal with a solid, 18-carat gold collar with a five-carat, brilliant cut, white diamond. The bottle is filled with nearly 17 ounces of No. 1, Clive Christian’s signature scent, which has been widely marketed as the world’s most expensive perfume.

2. Clive Christian’s No.1: $2,150 (1oz) – The bottle for No. 1 isn’t as spectacular but it’s hand-made lead crystal with a .33-carat diamond in the neck. Production of No. 1 is limited by the scarcity of its ingredients, which include ylang ylang specially grown in Madagascar, vanilla, orris, natural gum resin, sandalwood and bergamot.

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