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Experience The Distinct Fragrance of Armani Code

Experience the Distinct Fragrance of Armani Code

Giorgio Armani learned long ago that people respond to fragrances. He broke the code, so to speak. And one of his finest fragrances for men is Armani Code.

First released in 2004 as Black Code, this fragrance was Armani’s first oriental fragrance for men. Armani Code remains a best-seller today. Armani Code is a sophisticated fragrance that will develop over time, and it reacts differently to each man’s skin. The result is a unique and personalized fragrance. If you were to define Armani Code in perfume terms, it would best be described as having a fresh citrus top note, combined with base notes of tobacco, leather and rare wood. It all combines for a very masculine and appealing scent.


So exactly when did men develop a penchant for fragrances? Believe it or not, the practice of making yourself smell better dates back to Biblical times. Reportedly, King David liked to saturate his clothing in cassia – a fragrant bark that smells something like cinnamon. And Nero – the man who fiddled while Rome burned – covered everything from his tables to his room with rose petals so he could soak up the aroma.

Jump ahead to modern times, and in the early 1970s, men’s fragrances came back into fashion. Today, you have an enormous selection of men’s fragrances for yourself or the man in your life.


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ralph Lauren’s signature fragrance, the company released Polo Modern Reserve 30th Anniversary Edition. The limited edition, deluxe eau de toilette spray comes in a rich, saddle brown leather box and the bottle is decked out with 24-karat details. The packaging is as wonderful as the cologne inside. First created in 1978, Polo is one of those iconic American fragrances. It was inspired by the raw power of the polo player who commands the powerful, galloping horse underneath him. By definition, Polo Modern Reserve is based on the original scent, but exchanges chamomile for cardamom spice and offers a refined leather blend, suede leather and deep woods in the base notes.

If you are looking for the original, stick with Ralph Lauren Polo original spray. It’s known for its masculine blend of tobacco, wood and leather, combined with wonderful herbals. The original fragrance is concentrated for long-lasting results.

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole’s Vintage Black for Men is a refreshing fruity blend of sweet spice and woods. It is a scent that today’s metro man will appreciate. It is masculine and sophisticated, with notes of lime and dry oak wood.


Not to be left out, design house Prada offers its Prada Infusion Diris Homme spray. Prada worked with perfumers to develop a fragrance that offers a subtle, distinctive scent. It is a blend of citrus and woody notes. The result is an understated, but appreciated scent. Technically speaking, it contains Tunisian neroli, iris pallida, vetiver, cedarwood, incense and benzoin.

Ed Hardy

Want something young and vibrant? Then you want anything from famed tattooist Ed Hardy. The Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers men’s spray automatically kicks you up a notch in the cool department before you even try the fragrance. It implies a wild, spirited and sensual masculinity with hints of Anjou pear, fresh basil, white pepper, papaya, and rosemary. Throw in a blend of Katsura wood, suede and sandalwood and you are in control.

Juicy Couture Dirty English

Play the bad boy in Juicy Dirty English men’s spray fragrance. It’s a mixture of peppered mandarin, blue cypress, black leather, ebony wood and amber musk. And the bottle is almost as cool as the spray. It features a leather cord, decorated with charms that are wrapped around the stopper. Take off the cord and it’s also a bracelet.

Sean John Unforgivable Night

Not one to be left out of the fragrance market, Sean John – aka P Diddy – created Unforgiveable Night in 2009. After all, he was involved in creating music and fashion – why not fragrance? Unforgivable Night has notes of lemon, bergamot, tangerine, grapefruit, birch leaves, juniper, champagne accord, Mediterranean air accord, basil, iris, sage, lavender, cashmere accord, sea moss, sandalwood, rum, amber and tonka bean.

Perfume Types

If you ever wonder what the different fragrance labels mean – eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne – it has to do with the concentration of aromatic compounds in a solvent. The intensity of the fragrance, and its longevity, are based on the concentration, intensity and longevity of the natural essential oils or perfume oils used. As the percentage of aromatic compounds increases, so does the intensity and longevity of the fragrance.

Experiment with the different types of fragrance – and definitely try a host of fragrances before you decide on your signature blend. Or maybe you are the type to choose one fragrance for work and another for the evening. Try it and enjoy the results.

Robert Galvan is a freelance writer who writes about beauty and fashion products such as Armani Code.

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